Another Southwest Plane Mishap in California

Southwest Airlines (Mark Zaleski / Associated Press)
Mark Zaleski / Associated Press

On Sunday night, for the fourth time this month, a Southwest Airlines plane experienced problems, forcing it to change its landing plans.

Southwest acknowledged that flight 1665, flying from Sacramento to Denver with 133 passengers aboard, had to land in Oakland because of a pressurization event, according to the Contra Costa Times.

FlightAware reported that the plane circled over the Yuba City area north of Sacramento International Airport for about an hour. After landing in Oakland, the passengers were transferred to another plane which left them three hours behind their original schedule.

On December 23, Southwest Flight 2547, scheduled to fly from Oakland to Chicago, experienced a landing gear problem, forcing it to circle for four hours before landing back in Oakland.

On December 20, a Southwest Airlines jet pushing back from its gate bumped into another Southwest jet parked at the next gate at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank. On December 15, a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 flying from Houston to Nashville skidded off the runway into a ditch as it taxied to its gate after landing in Nashville.