More Than 100 Arrested at Occupy Protest in NY

More Than 100 Arrested at Occupy Protest in NY

(AP) NEW YORK – Police say more than 100 people have been arrested as Occupy Wall Street protesters march in small groups around Manhattan’s financial district to mark the anniversary of the grass-roots movement.

Police also removed four protesters in wheelchairs after they blocked a busy street Monday.

Activists are marking the one-year anniversary of the protest movement with a day of demonstrations directed at the richest one percent of the country. As they’ve done since the start, they are mostly targeting banks and financial institutions.

About 200 protesters rallied at Zuccotti Park early Monday morning before marching toward the New York Stock Exchange nearby, the crowds swelling to about 500 demonstrators. Loud chanting and the sound of drums filled the air.

Sit-ins are planned at various intersections in the city.

Dozens of police officers, some on horseback, and police vans lined the streets of the Financial District.

At least eight protesters were arrested when they tried to block an entrance to Wall Street, representatives of the National Lawyers Guild at the scene said. Others were arrested when they started moving from Zuccotti Park toward Wall Street as police on horseback blocked side streets. Several protesters were arrested after sitting on the sidewalk.