Krauthammer on Wendy Davis 'Lies': 'What a Coincidence'

Krauthammer on Wendy Davis 'Lies': 'What a Coincidence'

Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer on Friday’s “Special Report” discussed the controversy surrounding Democratic Texas gubernatorial hopeful Wendy Davis:

KRAUTHAMMER: Well, look, everybody tries to create, especially in America, tries to create a log cabin story. And this is her log cabin story. The problem is, I think it was Larry Sabato who said if you are going to create a narrative that’s perfectly OK, but make sure it’s a real narrative.

And she says her problem is a lack of tightness. It’s an odd word. It’s really a lack of truth. And there are parts of the story that aren’t — that are simply either wrong, and there are parts that are left out.

Look, when her ex-husband, who was apparently supporting her all through her days as an undergraduate and then through law school and looking after the children and gets custody afterwards, when he makes the last payment for Harvard Law School and she leaves the next day, you know, what are the odds? That’s a hell of a coincidence. Now, I’m not going to interpret it, but I think she has to explain it and interpret it.

The worst part that she then attacks her opponent as attacking her story. He’s attacking the veracity of her story, which is different from attacking her story. And I think it requires an explanation.