Limbaugh: In Hillary Clinton's 'Zero Empathy' World '$50 Million Is Peanuts'

Limbaugh: In Hillary Clinton's 'Zero Empathy' World '$50 Million Is Peanuts'

Monday amid the growing controversy of Hillary Clinton’s insistence that she and her husband former President Bill Clinton are not wealthy, Rush Limbaugh attempted to explain the former secretary of state’s “zero empathy” attitude on personal finances. 

“She wants to be a Warren Buffett,” he said. “[I]’m telling you, that’s the world the Clintons run in, and when she says, ‘We pay ordinary income tax,’ what she’s saying is they have become wealthy because they earn a lot of money.  They pay ordinary income taxes because they generate ordinary income, which is book sales and speeches and stuff like that, and they pay income tax rates.  In her world, no matter how much money you have, you are not wealthy.”

“What she doesn’t know is that by discussing it this way, she really is telling people what she wants to be,” he added. “She wants to be a Warren Buffett.  She wants to be in this really rarefied air where tax rates are irrelevant to you, and that’s a small percentage of even the top 1%.  But this idea that she and Bill are not well off? Even though the top range of their net worth on her disclosure forms is, I think, between $5.5 million and $50 million?”

The conservative talk show host said, “In her world, $50 million is peanuts” and added, “This is tone deafness on steroids.  It is an inability to relate to people. It is zero empathy. It is just stunning”

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