Ron Paul: US Should Get Out Iraq and 'Let Them Deal' with ISIS

Ron Paul: US Should Get Out Iraq and 'Let Them Deal' with ISIS

In an appearance earlier this week on Russian state-owned RT, former Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) expressed his disapproval of any U.S. effort in Iraq to deal with the threat of ISIS.

According to Paul, ISIS gained their strength as a result of the United States providing weapons to various players in the region, which he argued has been a detriment to the Kurds.

“The Kurds have always had this reputation of being great fighters and that they’re very good at it,” Paul said. “And I’m surprised they haven’t retaliated a little bit better. But one of the reasons why they haven’t done very well is that ISIS ended up getting a lot of weapons from us. And they’ve captured weapons. They’ve gotten them out of Syria and I’m sure there’s some that came from Libya. So they’re well-armed.”

“So we haven’t done the Kurds any favors whatsoever,” he continued. “So I think the sooner we get out of there, the better. I think the policy we should follow is one designed to allow the Iraqis to solve all their problems and stay out of this and let them deal with it because we tried for a long time. We lost a lot of lives. We’ve spent a lot of money and we’ve allowed a mess to develop. It’s nothing but a mess and chaos there and in a way, we’re partially responsible for that.”

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