Report: ISIS 'Coming Through the Mexican Border'

Report: ISIS 'Coming Through the Mexican Border'

Author and Middle East Expert Brigitte Gabriel claimed that ISIS had already crossed the southern border on Saturday’s “Justice with Judge Jeanine” on the Fox News Channel.  “I spoke this afternoon with members with members of the Department of Homeland Security who are already monitoring some people that they believe are members of ISIS. We are also concerned that a lot of members are coming through the Mexican border. We believe at this point that ISIS is so sophisticated in their planning that we are now playing catch up with them” she said.

She also reported that members of ISIS from the West “are attracted to the structure of Islam. They are attracted to some spiritual guidance that tells them exactly how to live their lives. In the Western world, a lot of people have moved away from religion. A lot of people have lost that structure of someone telling them, giving them how to live their lives day by day. Islam gives them that. It tells you how many times to pray a day. It tells you how to wash your hands before meals.”

Gabriel concluded by saying that ISIS kidnaps civilians due to the massive ransom payments that they receive.

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