Krauthammer: Obama 'Threw Away the Victory' in Iraq

Krauthammer: Obama 'Threw Away the Victory' in Iraq

Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer said that President Barack Obama “threw away the victory,” and the rise of ISIS is the United States “reaping the results of that terrible decision” on Thursday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

“Obama’s the one who unfortunately was unable to manage the victory. He was not able to broker a coalition government. That was his one task in 2010, and then he was not able to manage a status of forces agreement. He threw away the victory, and now we are reaping the results of that terrible decision,” Krauthammer argued.

He also stated that the ISIS crisis “does not appear to” require boots on the ground “at this point” because “we have willing partners on the ground, the Kurdish fighters, the Iraqi Army, at least parts of it, some of the Shiite militias, and what’s left of the Free Syrian Army, and there are other neighbors around the region who might join the fight if they have confidence in the seriousness and the staying power of the American commander-in-chief, the way, for example, the neighboring states had confidence in the competence and the staying power of George Bush Senior when he organized a coalition for the Gulf war.”

Krauthammer predicted that Democrats who supported the Iraq war, but voted against Bush’s troop surge would be judged by history, declaring, “The real issue and the thing that history will judge them on, is that almost all of those Democrats who supported the Iraq War then turned against it, remained turned against it when George W. [Bush] proposed the most courageous decision of his presidency, which was the surge. They voted against the surge. They argued against the surge. They even denied the surge was working when it clearly did, and the surge won the war for us.”

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