Report: ISIS Has Ability to Penetrate Green Zone

Report: ISIS Has Ability to Penetrate Green Zone

CNN Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr reported that “U.S. officials are telling us … that ISIS, indeed, [has] the capability basically to penetrate the international zone in Baghdad. That’s that high-[security] area where the U.S. Embassy and other installations are located, known for many years as the so-called Green Zone” on Thursday’s broadcast of “Wolf.”

Starr added that officials “weren’t looking at necessarily the scenario of ISIS storming the gates, trying to take the whole embassy, but ISIS has the capability to potentially launch suicide attacks, bomb attacks, car bombs, bombers with suicide vests, all of that.” 

And that “there isn’t a specific, direct threat against the embassy complex, but we are in that post-Benghazi era when the U.S. has heightened concern for all embassy installations around the world, and really in this era, it’s all about taking those protective measures in advance. You know you’re in a high-threat situation in Baghdad, there’s no question about that.”

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