Palin Jokes: 'I Owe America a Global Apology' for McCain Not Getting Elected

Palin Jokes: 'I Owe America a Global Apology' for McCain Not Getting Elected

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” former Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) took President Barack Obama to task over his ISIS strategy, slamming him by joking, after watching the presidents speech last night  “I owe America a global apology, because John Mccain, though all this should be our president.”

Palin said, “Well, dear Lord, these boys are so arrogant and that’s getting in the way of sound policy that will keep America secure and our allies. Hear John Kerry saying we’re not at war with ISIS. Well, John, ISIS is at war with us. The president saying previously that ISIS could be managed. No, Barack, you manage your golf foursome perhaps, but you don’t manage a threat like this. You destroy the threat. And to claim last night also our president saying ISIS is not Islamic. Um ISIS says it’s Islamic. They are so full of deception that America should be absolutely concerned with the policys that are going on.” 

“As I watched the speech last night, Sean, the thought going through my mind was, I owe America a global apology because John McCain through all of this, John McCain should be our president. He had the advice, today, still giving it to Barack Obama, again, he will not listen to it,  about the residual forces that must be left behind in order to secure the peace in Iraq that we had fought so hard for.” 

The former governor of Alaska went on to say ISIS is not “just a vision that’s so obvious. It’s an articulated mission that they’re on. And that is the Caliphate. That is a takeover of the region. And guess what? We’re next on the hit list. So when Barack Obama like the rest of us here, these bad guys, these terrorists, promising that they will raise the flag of Allah over our White House, for the life of me I don’t know why he does not take this serious, the threat. because, yes, it’s more than a vision. They’re — just like Hitler did all those years ago when a war could have been avoided because Hitler too did not hide his intentions. well, ISIS, these guys aren’t hiding their intentions either.”

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