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House Homeland Security Chair: Prince of Jordan Volunteered Troops in Syria to US

House Homeland Security Chair: Prince of Jordan Volunteered Troops in Syria to US

On Monday’s “Fox & Friends,” Rep. Mike McCaul (R-TX), the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, told viewers that Jordanian Prince Feisal Bin Al-Hussein had offered to send ground troops into Syria to fight ISIS to the United States, despite Obama administration officials having suggested outside help was not a possibility in this campaign.

Partial transcript as follows:

MCCAUL: I have no idea. I was on the Sunday show yesterday and the idea that we’re not going to have other Arab nations send their combat troops to fight ISIS, particularly in Syria, to me is irresponsible. And I talked to the Prince of Jordan last week. He said I’m willing to put my troops into Syria today if your government would ask us to do that.

ELISABETH HASSELBECK: For so long we kept hearing it’s their problem. It’s a regional problem. Now that people in the region want to step up, we’re saying no thanks. And at the same time, saying no boots on the ground. Meanwhile, ISIS’s message is clear, we’re coming to get you. We’re going to drown you in your own blood. Why is our messaging so mixed?

MCCAUL: That’s right. No American combat conventional troops on the ground. The fact is we’re going to train and vet them. But why wouldn’t we let countries like Egypt, countries like Jordan and UAE who can provide air strikes? It’s their fight. They’re right next door. We can’t bear the burden alone. And I think that they should be put their ground troops in and the fact that John Kerry yesterday, and I was right after him on “Face the Nation” — the idea that he said he didn’t want that, it makes you wonder where they are with this.

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