Police Release Video of 'Person of Interest' During Plea for Public Help in Hannah Graham Case

Police Release Video of 'Person of Interest' During Plea for Public Help in Hannah Graham Case

Friday during a press conference in Charlottesville, VA, an emotional Police Chief Tim Longo pleaded with the public to help in the search as he released new video and details in the case of University of Virginia student Hannah Graham who disappeared in the early morning hours of Saturday after going out with a “person of interest” last Friday night.

Chief Tim Longo said, “We have reason to believe she was inside of a bar on this mall with an individual who lived on Heshing Hills Way. Whose home we visited this morning. People saw her with that individual in that restaurant.”

He continued, “People saw Hannah and people saw him and people saw them together. And it’s entirely possible, we believe, that Hannah Graham may have gotten into his vehicle. A vehicle that we seized pursuant to a search warrant. a vehicle that is characterized as a 1998 Chrysler coupe, burnt orange in color. I believe that vehicle was parked last Friday night into Saturday morning on Fourth street, somewhere in that area. Somewhere in the area of this mall that car was parked. Somebody got out of it and somebody got back in it. and somebody drove away. If you remember seeing that vehicle and you remember seeing someone get back in it and you remember seeing it drive away, we need to hear from you.”

Detective Sergeant Mooney described the video evidence saying, “You see in front of one of the restaurants in the 300 block. You see a black male wearing all white. He has long dreadlocks walking westbound. Within a couple seconds, you see Hannah Graham walking eastbound. You can very clearly see this black male with dreadlocks cross to the other side of the mall and then he travels eastbound behind her. An additional video captured at a store on the mall in the 300 block shows that same black male with dreadlocks with his hands around Hannah Graham’s waist. We know from witness accounts that they entered the Tempo restaurant, on Fifth street just off of the main part of the mall. We know that he purchased alcohol there and we know that Hannah Graham was with him. We also know that within 15 minutes, they were gone from that bar and that his car was seen leaving the area on video. and we have every reason to believe that Ms. Graham was in that vehicle.” 

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