Carson: 'Strong' Likelihood I'll Run in 2016

Carson: 'Strong' Likelihood I'll Run in 2016

Dr. Ben Carson, author of “One Nation: What We Can All Do to Save America’s Future,” said that “the likelihood is strong” that he will run for president in 2016 on Monday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show.”

Regarding his 2016 run, Carson stated “I think the chances are reasonably good of that happening. I’m waiting, you know, obviously, for a few more months. I want to make sure that it’s clearly something my fellow Americans want me to do. And I’m also waiting to see what the results are in November, because if the people indicate that they truly do want a nation that is for, of and by the people, then I, along with I hope many other people, would be willing to give it everything we possibly have.” And “unless the American people indicate in November that they like big government intervention in every part of their lives, I think the likelihood is strong.” He declared that he would make his decision “before May of next year.”

Carson added “I have a lot of consultants. One of the things I’ve learned is you need to talk to a lot of people. The Bible says ‘in the multitude of consulars is safety,’ and you look at historical things, and you make sure you have all your I’s dotted and your T’s crossed, and we’re doing that.”

Carson was also asked whether he was worried about debating more experienced politicians, to which he responded, “I’ve been talking all of my life. And I will continue to talk. You know, I will never be a politician. I will tell you that right of the bat.”

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