Hume: Obama's ISIS Bombing Inspired by Politics

Hume: Obama's ISIS Bombing Inspired by Politics

On “Fox News Sunday,” Fox News Senior Political Analyst Brit Hume said President Obama’s air strikes in Iraq and Syria against ISIS are beginning to look like pure politics designed to help Democrats in the November midterm elections.

Hume said, “I think it’s beginning to look more and more as if our effort against ISIS is every bit as much inspired by politics and a nearing election as was the previous effort in Iraq,” and “The bombing campaign appears to be anything but really intense.”

“It looks like a mild bombing campaign undertaken for the purpose of appearing to do something toward the goal, the president says, of ultimately taking down ISIS. My sense, is after he gets past this election, his effort to take down ISIS,  I don’t think it’s something he deeply believes in, I don’t think he could possibly believe in the approach he’s taken, will subside” he concluded. 

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