Carney: 'No Question' It Will Be A Good Year for GOP, Bad Year for Dems

Carney: 'No Question' It Will Be A Good Year for GOP, Bad Year for Dems

On Thursday’s broadcast of “CNN Tonight,” former White House press secretary Jay Carney, now a CNN contributor, warned that his party is facing a bad election year with the midterm elections under a month away.

“I think the Democratic candidates have to sort of thread this needle very carefully because it is true that when you have an unpopular president of your party, you don’t want to be associated with him. You know, your opponents are running ads linking him to you so you want to keep your distance. But the fact is President Obama, like incumbent presidents usually are, remains very popular with his base and with the base of the Democratic Party. So in some states and in some places those candidates have to be careful about going too far in distancing themselves.”

“Look, it’s not a good dynamic for Democrats out there,” he continued. “Their goal has to be, in this cycle, to run local and state races and not have their races be nationalized. Because if they’re nationalized, they’re going to be hurt by the overall perception of president Obama right now. I think what we’ve seen in the polls so far is we have not seen a national wave yet. There’s still time for that to happen. There’s no question it’s going to be a good year for Republicans and a bad year for Democrats. The question is how good and how bad.”

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