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Bill Ayers: America Is A Terrorist Nation

Bill Ayers: America Is A Terrorist Nation

This week on on Fox News Radio’s “The Alan Colmes Show,”  Bill Ayers, one-time leader of the Weather Underground and reported Chicago political mentor of a young Barack Obama said America is a terrorist nation that creates groups like ISIS.

Partial transcript as follows:

COLMES: Are we a terrorist nation?

AYERS: Yes indeed, and I’ve said many times, that terrorism, if you take a consistent definition of terrorism, and even Webster’s definition, that it’s absolutely true that governments, cults, sects, political parties, and individuals can all be terrorists. And the fact is, in the long history of warfare and terrorism, states have been the main purveyors of terrorism. So when you see the Soviet Union in Afghanistan and the Soviet Union in other areas.

COLMES: Ukraine?

AYERS: Yes, those were acts of terrorism and they were conquests and so on and it’s true for us.

COLMES: Are we committing acts of terrorism right now?

AYERS: Right now, absolutely.

COLMES: Where would you say we’re doing that in Syria, in Iraq?

AYERS: In Yemen, in Syria, in Iraq, in Afghanistan. When we bomb civilians, when we, look, here’s the problem with patriotism and nationalism, when you see the same set of facts, and you make a moral distinction between if we do it and when someone else does it. So bombing civilians is wrong, and we should oppose the bombing of civilians, whether Israel does it or the US does it, or the Palestinians do it, we should oppose the bombing of civilians.

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