Sabato: 'I Want an Investigation of the Polls'

Sabato: 'I Want an Investigation of the Polls'

On Wednesday’s broadcast of “Fox & Friends,” University of Virginia political scientist Larry Sabato offered a reaction to the disparity between last night’s midterm election outcomes in Virginia, Georgia and Illinois to what the polls had suggested.

According to Sabato, such a difference between the polling a reality warranted an investigation.

“I want an investigation of the polls in Virginia,” he said. “They were completely wrong, just as they were in Georgia. They were also way off in Illinois. And I could go on and on. Boy, is that an industry that needs some housecleaning. Virginia is a good example. I don’t know whether it was a combination of overconfidence by the Warner people. I think certainly a smart campaign by Ed Gillespie who came very close to being a U.S. Senator and now has set himself up to run for governor perhaps in 2017, or another major office. So all elections have consequences beyond the actual day. That’s a good example.”

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