Scott Walker: Focus on Working Class and Win Presidential Elections

Scott Walker: Focus on Working Class and Win Presidential Elections

Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) argued that the Republican Party will win elections if it focuses on appealing working class voters on Friday’s “Laura Ingraham Show.”

“The bread and butter of what makes my state work and I think makes this country work are the men and women who every day go to work and work hard, not just for a paycheck, the work hard because they want their children and their grandchildren to have a better life than they’ve had. We need to be fighting for them every single day, and when we show…that Republicans care for the average working American, we will win presidential elections just like we won gubernatorial elections” he stated.

Walker also slammed President Obama for his executive order on immigration, arguing “this guy went from the ‘Audacity of Hope’ to the audacity of power … this is a guy who more than 20 times in the last several years has said he can’t do this, he’s not the emperor, he’s not the king, it’s not legally possible…and now two weeks after, [in] his own words, his policies were on the ballot, and they were resoundingly rejected, even in states like mine …he’s doubled down,” adding that the order created “legal crisis, at a minimum, if not a constitutional crisis in terms of the separation of powers.” 

He also declared that Republicans should be “going full-out against this president,” including legal challenges and using the the power of the purse because the order will create a “wave” of illegal immigration and “it will effect middle class workers, it will effect the unemployment rate in this country.”

He concluded that Republicans should measure success by how many people get off government assistance, not on it. 

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