Pirro: Exec Amnesty ‘Thuggish, Illegal Move’

Pirro: Exec Amnesty ‘Thuggish, Illegal Move’

On Saturday, the Fox News Channel’s “Justice with Judge Jeanine” host, Judge Jeanine Pirro slammed President Obama’s executive action on immigration, dubbing it a “thuggish, illegal move” and a “deliberate, unrestrained, irresponsible, and unprecedented defiance of the US Constitution and the rule of law.”

“this is not prosecutorial discretion. It is deliberate, unrestrained, irresponsible, and unprecedented defiance of the US Constitution and the rule of law. As a former Constitutional Law professor, I don’t have to remind you that Congress has exclusive authority to enact laws and that you are only one of three separate but equal branches of government. And you don’t even have the popular sentiment behind you. Almost half of Americans disapprove of your executive action. You want to change a law? How about you get both houses of Congress to agree? And stop with the smug Tony Soprano-like threats. You’re so arrogant that instead of giving the new Congress a chance to pass a fair immigration law, you just do your own thing” she declared.

Pirro continued, “but I have to give you credit, within two weeks of an historic political shellacking, your thuggish, illegal move has cornered Republicans. They now must act or suffer political consequences.”

She also predicted that there will be a greater surge in illegal immigrants, stating “in 2012, after you announced your DREAMers policy for young people, we saw an influx of almost 100,000 from Central America. No surprise, historically every action on amnesty, without securing the border, creates yet another surge of illegals. But most important, you skirt the issue of what your actions will do to hard-working Americans. You say our immigration system is broken and that we can’t afford it anymore. Mr. President, pray tell, what exactly can we afford?”

Pirro also expressed doubt that the president’s promise that individuals impacted by the act will not have criminal records, and not receive taxpayer benefits or vote. 

She concluded that President Obama’s actions would create a precedent allowing future presidents to act unilaterally to change laws they don’t like and declaring the president’s move “a slap in the face” to legal immigrants.

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