Breitbart’s Gorka: Torture ‘Undermines Everything America Stands For’

Breitbart’s Gorka: Torture ‘Undermines Everything America Stands For’

Breitbart National Security Editor Dr. Sebastian Gorka appeared on “EWTN News Nightly” this Tuesday to discuss the aftermath of Congress’s report on the use of enhanced interrogation by the CIA, denouncing torture tactics as categorically wrong and fundamentally un-American.

Speaking to EWTN’s Wyatt Goolsby, Gorka denounced torture as “fundamentally wrong” and acceptable only in situations where it is a last resort response to a “ticking time bomb” scenario. “If there really isn’t an imminent and clear threat, this undermines everything that America stands for,” he explained.

In a column published at Breitbart News’ National Security site today, Gorka expands upon this concept, relying on years of experience training US federal law enforcement agents in the effective interviewing of jihadist suspects, as well as experience training British special forces in how to respond when under interrogation themselves. There, Gorka notes that the CIA report and the backlash surrounding it is “clearly just as much a political one as national security one,” and that torture, as a method, is rarely effective in collecting intelligence.

Watch Gorka’s commentary on EWTN below, and read his full column at Breitbart National Security here.

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