Daughter of Cuban Spy Victim Slams Obama


Marlene Alejandre-Triana, whose father, Armando, was killed when the Cuban Air Force shot down his plane in 1996, slammed President Obama on Thursday’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Channel for releasing Geraldo Hernandez, who was in prison on conspiracy to commit murder charges for her father’s death as part of a push to normalize relations with Cuba.

She said there was no advanced warning for her and her family that Hernandez would be released. And “Mr. Obama said yesterday, that we’re holding onto a policy that was put into place before many of us were born. So, what happened to my father happened only 18 years ago, and it was a murder of three American citizens and one American resident, and one of those men was in jail for having a part to do in their murder. So, I don’t think that that was so long ago.”

Alejandre-Triana continued, “the part that hurts me the most is that it was a swap, it was three people for one person, and one of those three people is a murderer of American citizens, or helped commit murder of American citizens and he was traded for somebody who is not even an American citizen. This is a Cuban informant who was an officer of the cuban government and turned on them, and that’s who we traded these three spies for.”

She concluded, “I would never go to Cuba until everyone in Cuba is free as I am free in this country to say what feel about what happened yesterday to the press, to anyone, without the fear of being put in jail, beaten, have my family in danger. I would never go there.”

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