Fmr DIA Chief: Obama Strategy Doesn’t Prioritize International Threats

Friday at the House Armed Services Committee hearing on the Islamic extremism, the former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Michael Flynn said President Barack Obama’s strategy does not prioritize international threats.

Flynn said, “The national strategy lays out the world, which is very complex array of threats. I don’t believe that the national security strategy prioritizes what the Untied States should do about those threats. Prioritizing the here and now, and then sort of what like what Harry Truman said post-World War II, which was, and I will quote him, he rightly understood that the Soviets were quote ‘animated by a new fanatic faith,’ unquote.”

He continued, “So we have to prioritize, to take this strategy, national city strategy and prioritize inside of it against the threats that we are facing. The fact that we even use ISIL and the word Islam in the framework of Islamic state, it actually recognizes that. In the document, in the president’s letter on top of the document he uses Islamic state in the Levant. So we the United States are recognizing the fact that there’s somebody called Islamic and somebody called a state inside of the Levant. So again we are struggling to define it as clearly as we possibly can. And it is a radical version of Islam. There’s no doubt about it, and we can’t not allow ourselves to define something that actually they’re calling themselves in a sense. So if the enemy is calling themselves that, why do we have such a difficult time?”

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