Flashback: In 1972, Cronkite Warned of ‘New Ice Age’

As winter weather continues to dominate the Midwest and the East Coast, the Media Research Center’s Julia Seymour provides this piece of video from Walter Cronkite’s CBS evening news broadcast on Sept, 11, 1972 in which Cronkite warned of the forthcoming ice age.

“But then there is some good news,” Cronkite continued. “That while the weather may be just a little colder in the immediate years to come, the full extent of the new ice age won’t be reached for 10,000 years. And if you can stand any more good news, even then it won’t be as bad as the last ice age 60,000 years ago. Then New York, Cincinnati, St. Louis, were under 5,000 feet of ice. Presumably no traffic moved and school was let out for the day. And that’s the way it is, Monday Sept. 11, 1972.”

According to the report from Seymour, Cronkite’s words from nearly 43 years ago call into question the theory of anthropogenic global warming

“Global warming activists have claimed for years that the 1970s global cooling scare never existed. They have tried to erase the inconvenient history which ironically blamed extreme weather like tornadoes, droughts, record cold and blizzards on global cooling,” Climate Depot’s Marc Morano told Seymour. “But now — unearthed from bowels of media archives — comes none other than Walter Cronkite reporting on fears of a coming ice age in 1972. Having Cronkite’s image and face discussing global cooling fears reveals the fickleness of the climate change claims.”

“Climate fear promoters switched effortlessly from global cooling fears in the 1970s to global warming fears in the 1980s. In the present day, the phrase ‘global warming’ has lost favor in favor of ‘climate change’ or ‘global climate disruption’ or even ‘global weirding,’ he added. “’Settled science’ has never seemed so unsettled.”

(h/t Newsbusters)

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