Ed Schultz: Hillary Was ‘Observing’ What People Were Doing at Chipotle

MSNBC host Ed Schultz defended Hillary Clinton’s Chipotle visit and refusal to talk to any voters inside the restaurant on Tuesday’s “MSNBC Live.”

“The criticism that Hillary has had about going into a Chipotle and not talking to people, that is as ordinary as it gets. When was the last time anybody in America had a real in-depth political conversation in a fast food joint? She went into the place to get something to eat. She didn’t go in there to campaign. But you know what, I know Hillary Clinton well enough to know she was probably observing what shows those kids behind the counter were doing, she was probably looking around to see what people were paying attention to, you know what, she was probably hungry from being on the road, and that’s what ordinary people do” he stated.

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