Juan Williams: NRA Whipping White America into Hysteria Over Gun Control

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “The Five,” co-host Juan Williams said the NRA is whipping “white America” into “frenzy and hysteria” by promoting self protection from crime as being a reason not to support gun control.

Williams said, “People say I want to be safe against crime. Crime is at a 20-year low. A majority of Americans, 60-plus percent in Gallup, think crime is on the rise.”

He continued, “This is all fabricated. You talk about frenzy and hysteria, that is what is going on, led by the NRA, to get the gun ownership rights so you can take guns everywhere.”

“I’m going to tell you some other part of this. I think that white America,” Williams said, as he was interrupted by groans from his “The Five” co-panelists, “You say, ‘Oh the black guy on the panel says this but look here is what Pew says.’ It says it right here. Support for gun control has dropped among whites, who see crime on the rise, when in fact crime is falling.”

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