Pirro: ‘Step Back and Let the Justice System Take Its Course’

Former prosecutor and Fox News Channel host Judge Jeanine Pirro stated that “we all need to step back and let the justice system take its course” in the trial of six officers in the death of Freddie Gray on Saturday’s “Justice with Judge Jeanine.”

Pirro began, “tonight, cops across the nation are being demonized for the alleged actions of some in baltimore. But imagine the 25-year-old running from the police is your son. Your son arrested and thrown in that police van. Your son buried. I want you to take race, family, preconceived notions for or against law enforcement out of this. This is about the facts. Pure and simple.”

She continued, “I’ve been there. The elected DA in a tough spot, charging police, the investigative agency that you work with every day, that you need to testify to put criminals behind bars, with a crime that could land them behind those same bars. The issues are hard. The problems, fast and furious. Now, there’s no question that Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby is articulate, passionate, and believes in the charges that she has brought. And she believes that she can prove them beyond a reasonable doubt. But I’m not so sure.”

Pirro said of Mosby, “she’s also inexperienced, never having tried a murder case, new at the job, in office for four months, just recently leaving her insurance company job. Now, granted, the medical examiner ruled this a homicide. But any experienced prosecutor knows that that’s nothing more than a classification, meaning it’s not an accident, it’s not a suicide, and it’s not undetermined. So, why on the same day the autopsy findings are released to her, does she file charges? Now, there’s no question, Freddie Gray was healthy enough to run from the police, but almost dead when he was taken off that police van. And in a case as unusual and unique as this, why not seek out pathologists, other medical examiners for insight into what the defense will try to show, and who to charge? Were Freddie Gray’s injuries the result of the bicycle cops putting him in a prone position? Were they due to his then being put in a seated position after finding the knife? Or when they put him stomach-down on the ground? Or when he was put in a leg lace? Or when he was placed in the police van without a seat belt? Or when he was removed from the van and flex cuffs placed on his wrists and leg shackles on his legs? Now, Mosby believes the critical neck injury occurred during the ride to central booking. How does she know that? Maybe, we all need to step back and let the justice system take its course.”

Pirro concluded, “whether they’re guilty or not guilty, whether they should have been charged or have been overcharged, the passion surrounding this case, and arguments to render cops powerless or call for the removal of their guns is nothing short of lunacy, and putting all of society at risk. When cops commit crimes, they’re prosecuted and jailed. I know. I’ve prosecuted cops. But it’s time for us to recognize the importance and the necessity of maintaining and respecting the men and women in blue who put their lives on the line every day. And to suggest that all cops are the enemy is absurd. To those who hate cops, and don’t want them around, start defending yourself. The truth? These cops are not paid anywhere near enough to put their lives on the line every day. They’re not paid enough to be abused and ridiculed and blamed for all of society’s ills, spit on by murderers, waste thrown at them by prisoners. Cops are the one line of defense, indeed, the last line, that separates us from a barbaric and chaotic society. They live on the battlefield where the fight between good and evil unfolds every day. And often, they’ll quietly die on that very battlefield, and left behind are grieving families, children without parents because someone chose to stand for law and order against chaos. And after their death, there are no marches, no burning of businesses, and no looting when they are killed. Maybe it’s time to recognize and respect the role of men and women in our society.”

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