Coulter: Current Immigration Policy All About Importing Dem Voters

Columnist and author of “Adios, America” Ann Coulter argued current immigration policy is “100%” about trying to change the US ” into a direction that is more favorably disposed to vote for the Democrats” on Wednesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

Coulter began by praising Fusion anchor Jorge Ramos for debating her on his show and doing a “fantastic job” with the interview, something that she said no one else will do.

Coulter added, “One big part of this, is that this is the one debate cannot hear in America. You can hear both sides of the abortion debate, both sides of global warming, both sides of the Iraq War. You cannot hear both sides of the immigration debate, and I am just asking for a debate.”

She continued that her book was about exposing, “not only the media cover-up which is massive, but the government cover-up. Not giving us basic information about the people they are bringing into this country in order to change it into a direction that is more favorably disposed to vote for the Democrats.”

Coulter also stated that she thinks current immigration policy is “100%” about importing voters and said of Republicans who oppose closing the border, “They are looking at their short-term interests, they will win elections for the next five years and then it will be nothing but a Democratic country.”

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