Trump: I Gave Money to Pelosi, Reid Because I’m a Business

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” billionaire business mogul and Republican candidate for president Donald Trump said he gave money in the past to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to ease the gridlock in Washington, D.C.

When host Jake Tapper asked Trump about Hillary Clinton attending his wedding and his political contributions to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to help recapture Congress in 2006, Trump said, “We have gridlock in Washington, for instance I’ve helped Nancy Pelosi. I’ve helped Reid. I’m a business.”

He continued, “I’m a business. you know, I was in business. I built a great company. They always treated me nicely. We need that in Washington. We have total gridlock.”

He added, “I’m a conservative Republican. I’m a very conservative person, actually. But I get along with everybody. I would be more successful in beating Hillary, assuming that she gets it, which I think she probably will although.”

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