Cuban on Trump’s Appeal: ‘Refreshing’ to Have Someone ‘Give an Honest, Insensitive Response to a Question’

On Wednesday’s “The Herd,” hosted by Colin Cowherd, on ESPN Radio on Wednesday, tech billionaire Mark Cuban discussed the phenomenon of real estate mogul Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy and his rise to front-runner status.

Cuban suggested Trump’s popularity was more of an indictment of the broken political system and that Trump’s tack was appealing to a lot of Americans.

“Two things — his name recognition is better. One, I couldn’t name all 15 Republican candidates — that’s one,” Cuban said. “Two, I think people are tired of politics as usual you know, we’re tired of everything being scripted, we’re tired of every comment being politically correct, and you know, even though Donald has to spend a lot of time pulling, not just his foot but the toenails and the stuff that falls off his cuticles out of his mouth, at least it is refreshing to have somebody who is going to say what’s on their mind and give an honest, if not insensitive response to a question. To me, it is great. Would I vote for him? No. But I don’t know if I’d vote for any of the other 14 candidates. And I don’t know if I’d vote for the Democrat candidates right now either. I think it is refreshing.”

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