Will: Information Will Come Out Showing Trump is ‘Unprincipled’

This week on “Fox News Sunday,” Washington Post columnist George Will said voters are not going to like finding out information about Donald Trump’s past, which will show he is both “uncouth” and “unprincipled.”

[Relevant portion at 4:00 mark]

“There is going to be some information that gets out after all the hullabaloo about his manners or lack thereof,” Will said. “They’ll find he’s not just uncouth he is unprincipled. They’ll find out  he was pro choice, very pro choice as he used to say. They’ll find he gave money to Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Reid, Nancy Pelosi because he obviously wanted the Democratic congress. And they’re going to want to think about that. Other issues, the Kelo the worst Supreme Court decision of this century which vastly expanded the power of people like Donald Trump using government to take away private property. He supports that. See how people like that.”

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