Steyn: No One Drove a Stake Through Trump, ‘He Survived, and Therefore, He Won’

On Friday’s broadcast of “Hannity,” conservative commentator Mark Steyn offered his analysis of Thursday’s Republican presidential debate and declared real estate mogul Donald Trump to be the winner.

According to Steyn, as long as Trump continues to survive, he will win.

“I think they all did well in their own terms,” Steyn said. “Realistically, Donald Trump — you would have to drive a stake through him. So simply because no one did drive a stake through him, he survived, and therefore, he won. So he’s still in the game and he’s still locking down whatever it is, 25 percent, 32 percent I think it is in South Carolina now. So he’s the guy to beat. I thought most of the others did well within their own terms, although they’re actually quite narrow terms. And the disappointment, I think, was with the number two and number three because I think Jeb Bush and Scott Walker, in a sense, were both sitting on their non-leads. They — both of them, I think, took a sort of conscious decision to kind of do a low-key, Don’t frighten the horses, thing and hope that when Trump implodes, that they’re still in the number two or number three slot and they’re the ones who take over. And I don’t think that’ll work, frankly.”

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