Trump: I ‘Beat The Hell Out of People’ To Get What I Want

Tuesday at the Birch Run Expo Center in Michigan, when pushed for the details of how he will get things done, Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump touted his ability to get what he wants.

Trump said, “I think you will see lots of plans, also you have to understand when you’re coming up with a plan in business you have to be flexible. There got to be flexibility. And I recently bought something, not so recently, but Doral in Miami, Everybody wanted it. If I would have sat down — here is a 12-point plan to get Doral. I didn’t do that. I went in and punched and punched and beat the hell out of people, and I ended up getting it. Everybody wanted it. All of the smart money wanted it.”

He continued, “The OPO the Old Post Office on Pennsylvania Avenue—everybody wanted it. I got it. In the Obama administration I got it, which is pretty shocking considering that Pritzker wanted it, which is Hyatt and lots of other people. I got it. And I got it because I know how to get things. I know how to get things done. You can’t sit down and say, ‘Well, I’m going to come up with a 19-point plan to get the Old Post office and create it into a great hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue.’ The most sought-after property in the history of the General Services Administration. Trump got it. I’m not an Obama person. You probably heard that. You have to be able to have flexibility. You have to be able to do certain things.”

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