Black Lives Matter Activist: ‘Pigs in a Blanket Fry ’em Like Bacon’ Not About Killing Police

Monday on CNN’s “Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin,” Black Lives Matter Minnesota organizer Rashad Turner said protesters chanting “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon” Saturday at the gates of the Minnesota State Fair were “not speaking of killing a police officer.”

Turner said, “I mean It’s an example of—even with this case down in Houston, when people of color, black people are accused of killing a police officer, you don’t see that man down there getting bail. But what we see on the flip side of that is when a police officer kills an unarmed black male, that the system still works in their favor that they are able to get bail. So when we say fry them, we’re not speaking of killing a police officer…we’re saying, treat the police the same as you’re going to treat a civilian who commits murder against a police officer.”

“The uproar over this rhetoric does not match the uproar that we see when a black person is killed every 28 hours by police.  I mean in Saint Paul, the Minnesota we have the deadliest police department in our state.  Why do we want to get hung up on rhetoric rather than addressing the facts? We need police reform. Otherwise the climate in this country is going to continue to be an us versus them climate. And that helps no one. We all suffer.” he added.

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