Limbaugh: Trump Movement Exposes Low Regard Conservative Intellectuals Have for Ordinary Americans

Wednesday on his radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh discussed the backlash within certain conservative circles to the candidacy of GOP front-runner Donald Trump. Limbaugh specifically focused Wall Street Journal columnist Bret Stephens, who unleashed a scathing attack in the Journal earlier this week aimed at Trump and his supporters.

According to Limbaugh, however, Stephens and his ilk miss a broader point that Trump isn’t about conservatism, but “American-ism.”

“What I also believe fervently is that all of this support for Trump, this movement, whatever you call this that’s happening with Trump, it’s not about conservatism,” Limbaugh said. “And that doesn’t bother me.”

Limbaugh went on to deconstruct what Stephens motivations were for such an attack and explained it comes from how he and others within the so-called conservative movement view Americans.

“This is the perfect illustration of the problem that so-called conservative intellectuals are having with the Trump insurgency or the Trump campaign, to the point now that they feel it necessary to insult the people supporting Trump in addition to insulting Trump. Now, these are the people who routinely tell us that we are racists or nativists or whatever because we do not believe in their policy of open borders, and because we are intolerant of this invasion of people which they call illegal immigration, which we term it invasion, since we’re not tolerant, we’re not sophisticated. We don’t have the ability to understand what this country’s all about and what this country needs for a vibrant future and so forth. And it’s one of the biggest disconnects I’ve ever seen in my life between Washington and the rest of the people in the country.  Now, explaining the Trump phenomenon is not that difficult.  At the top of all of it is this invasion.  At the top of the list of reasons why Trump has a large and growing following, it’s all about immigration and how the establishment inside the Beltway is now openly, not even disguising, what they’ve thought about average, ordinary Americans for years now.  And that is unsophisticated, rubes, uneducated.  I mean, take any insult that you want.  Appalling, stupid, you name it.

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