O’Malley: Hillary ‘Shameful,’ ‘Distasteful’ for Invoking 9/11 to Justify Wall Street Donations


Monday on MSNBC, Democratic presidential candidate former Gov. Martin O’Malley (D-MD) said his opponent Hillary Clinton using the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack as the reason she received a lot of donations from Wall Street as a senator from New York was “shameful and distasteful.”

O’Malley  said, “I thought it was a shameful and distasteful way to pump out the smoke screen trying to cover the Secretary’s coziness with Wall Street which continues to this day. Of the three of us on stage, she is the only one in the aftermath of the Wall Street crash who doesn’t subscribe to the truth that we needed to reinstate a modern version of Glass-Steagall. If a bank is too big to fail, too big to jail and manage and we are still on the hook for the bad bets they’re too damn big. So I thought it was a distasteful moment and she is probably sorry that she tried to wrap herself in the 9/11 tragedy to put out a smoke screen and cover up her coziness to Wall Street.”

He added, “The question was about whether or not Secretary Clinton has a coziness to Wall Street and would follow the dictates of those architects of the Wall Street crash and those who believe that big banks are just fine. And the truth is that is how she feels. she should just admit it and be honest with people and say that she should not try to disgracefully try to wrap herself in the tragedy of 9/11 in order to shut down a conversation about her coziness to the big banks of Wall Street.”

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