Obama: Islamic State Poses ‘A Serious Threat To All Of Us,’ Their ‘Madness’ ‘A Scourge That Threatens All of Us’

President Obama declared that ISIS “and its murderous ideology, pose a serious threat to all of us” and its “madness” ” is a scourge that threatens all of us” during a press conference on Tuesday.

Obama said, “This barbaric terrorist group, ISIL, or Daesh, and its murderous ideology, pose a serious threat to all of us. It cannot be tolerated. It must be destroyed, and we must do it together. This is the unity of purpose that brings us here today.”

He added, “It’s been noted that the terrorists did not direct their attacks against the French government or military, rather, they focused their violence on the very spirit of France, and by extension, on all liberal democracies. This was an attack on our free and open societies, where people come together to celebrate, and sing, and compete, and targeting venues where people come together from around the world, killing citizens of nearly 20 countries, including America. This was an attack on the very idea that people of different races, and religions, and backgrounds can live together in peace. In short, this was not only a strike against one of the world’s great cities. It was an attack against the world itself. It’s the same madness that has slaughtered the innocent from Nigeria, to the Sinai, from Lebanon, to Iraq. It is a scourge that threatens all of us, and that’s why for more than a year, the United States, France and our coalition of some 65 nations have been united in one mission, to destroy these ISIL terrorists and defeat their vile ideology.”

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