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Krauthammer: Obama Islamic State Strategy ‘Disengaged or Delusional,’ ‘About To Hit an Iceberg’


Columnist Charles Krauthammer panned President Obama’s ISIS approach as “disengaged or delusional,” and characterized his plan as “essentially nothing” on Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Special Report.”

Krauthammer said, [relevant remarks begin around 3:20] “we are at war with people, with an organization, with a general jihadist movement that is spreading into Libya, into Yemen, into all kinds of places, and into San Bernardino. We have a president, as we saw on Sunday night, who is disengaged or delusional. It’s one or the other. … He has — he and his White House team, this insular group have their ideas about what to do, which is essentially nothing, to pass it on to the next president. And he’s got his own Defense Department, his own advisers, in the State Department, and elsewhere who have consistently asked him to do more. He has in Syria, in Iraq, everywhere, and he has consistently refused to listen to their advice. That’s why the country is in a semi-panic. That’s Trump with the tough talk is rising, because this is a ship about to hit an iceberg without anybody at the tiller.”

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