Spike Lee: Americans Don’t Care About Chicago Gun Violence Because ‘It’s Not Sandy Hook’

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” filmmaker Spike Lee said he believes Americans are not more outraged by the daily gun violence in Chicago because it doesn’t receive the high-profile attention like Sandy Hook, Charleston and San Bernardino.

When asked why he believes Chicago has such tremendous gun violence Lee said, “I think part of it has to do with that Chicago is America’s biggest segregated city and I think that has to do a lot with it. And people are just thrown to one side of town and left to their own devices.”

Chuck Todd asked, “Why do you think there isn’t this sense of outrage about what’s happening in Chicago? Are we numb?”

Lee interjected, “It’s not Sandy Hook.”

Todd continued, “But we get outraged when there’s an event. When there’s one big event. Whether it’s in Charleston, Sandy Hook, San Bernardino. This is everyday. Why do you feel like there’s not the same?”

Lee added, “I mean, Obama said it himself. People are numb. He said he’s tired of giving these speeches after every mass shooting and that’s why I said the takeaway, I hope people take away from this film is guns.”

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