Jeb: Trump’s Admiration of Putin is ‘Ridiculous’ — This Isn’t a Monopoly Game

Monday on 1040 WHO Radio in Des Moines, IA, Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush said his opponent Donald Trump’s admiration of Russian President Vladimir Putin is “ridiculous.”

While discussing the need to remove Syrian President Bashar al Assad, Bush said, “I think it’s naive to suggest Assad should stay when in cahoots with the largest sponsor of terrorism, Iran. Iran and Russia want to prop up Assad. They are not about regime chage. He has killed over two hundred and fifty thousand innocent people, four million refugees exist now out of a country of twenty three million. I don’t see how it is secure and safe and pragmatic to keep a guy who is a brutal dictator that creates massive instability. There needs to be the destruction of ISIS but also a political solution that kicks Assad out.”

On Trump, Bush said, “The idea that Donald Trump suggests that Putin is a guy worthy of admiration when he’s bombing the very troops that we are supporting, and who brutalizes his own citizenry inside his own country, attacks other countries inside his own neighborhood, takes territory, a former KGB agent who kills journalist — his regime has done so — it is ridiculous. This isn’t a Monopoly game. This is serious business that requires someone who has enough understanding of how the world works to be able to forge a coalition to bring stability. This is in our national security interest. This is not some far off place that we can just ignore.”

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