Matthews: ‘Beyond Indecent’ And ‘Over the Line’ To Say Hillary’s An Enabler of Bill’s


MSNBC’s “Hardball” host Chris Matthews argued that it was “beyond indecent” and “over the line” to call Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton an enabler on Monday.

Matthews stated that “Trump’s now going back and calling Hillary Clinton an enabler. I’ve never heard anybody say that about her. This is pretty personal, and I would think, over the line, that she’s some kind of enabler.” He later added, “she was shocked by Monica, and I believe that story, that she had no idea something like that was going on in the White House. And she was hurt by it. People could see the hurt in her face that — what it had done to her. Why would this Trump guy go out and say that somehow she was in cahoots with this whole mess? I don’t get that as even a reasonably honest statement.”

He further said, “nobody I’ve ever heard has ever said she was an enabler of Monica Lewinsky. It’s beyond indecent, I think.”

(h/t NewsBusters)

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