Krauthammer: ‘Likely’ Trump Recovers From ‘Terrible Week’

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “The Kelly File,” Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer speculated that although this was a “terrible week” for Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, he will likely recover, noting that the predictions of Trump’s demise have proven to be incorrect throughout this election season.

“Look, I’ve said it many times and I was wrong every single time,” Krauthammer said. “We’ve heard the expression ‘peak Trump’ about as often as we’ve heard ‘peak oil’ for the last 50 years and oil is gushing all over the world. So look, I think it is likely that he recovers. But if there is going to be one incident or one series of incidents happening together as we’ve seen in this week that would actually stop his and actually put a question mark in some of his supporters, this would be it. This was a terrible week.”

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