Cruz: Reimpose Mexico City Policy, Trump’s Abortion, Klan Comments Are Ones of a Liberal Pretending To Be a Conservative

Republican presidential candidate Texas Senator Ted Cruz stated he would reimpose the Mexico City Policy on abortion and that fellow candidate Donald Trump’s comments on abortion and the KKK are “the comments of a liberal, who is trying to say what he thinks conservatives want to hear” on Monday’s “Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel.

Cruz said, [relevant remarks begin around 2:45] “One of the things you can do, for example is –, and that I intend to do, is reimpose what are called the Mexico City rules that Ronald Reagan put in place that prohibit federal taxpayer dollars from funding abortions, funding abortions overseas, funding organizations –.”

Cruz then turned to Trump’s statement in favor of punishing women who have abortions. He argued, “I think the statement Donald Trump made this week really illustrates — I mean, it was a bizarre statement, saying that he believed women should be punished. It showed that he’s not considered seriously this issue, or many of the issues facing this country, that he’s really just willing to say whatever he can say to try to win votes. You know, part of being pro-life is valuing every human life, the unborn child, but also valuing the mother, celebrating the mother. I’ll tell you, many times, the victims of abortion are not just the unborn children who never get a chance to live, but it’s the moms who are racked with guilt, and it is a — it has — a great many women have suffered because of the tragedy of abortion, and we need to be celebrating and protecting all human life. And it was interesting, I thought one of the most insightful observations came from Jonah Goldberg at National Review, where he was talking about Donald’s comments on abortion, and he said, these comments are the comments of a liberal, who is trying to say what he thinks conservatives want to hear. So, from a liberal’s perspective, Donald, Jonah was speculating, believes that conservatives want to hear, punish women. Now, no conservative actually believes that, but if you’re trying to pretend to be something you’re not, you get the rhetoric wrong, you don’t understand it, and Jonah analogized it to the KKK. You know, when Donald was doing an interview on CNN, and was asked about David Duke, former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, supporting him, and Donald refused to denounce the KKK in that interview, and Jonah said, listen, that’s a liberal who thinks, well gosh, conservatives don’t want me to denounce the Klan. Now, listen, anyone that’s actually a conservative, is perfectly happy saying the Klan is evil, it is bigoted, it is wrong, it has no place in society, and if you’re speaking from core convictions, you know that, because you’re speaking from the heart.”

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