Dem Rep Rangel: ‘Un-American’ To Disregard Other People’s Feelings, GOP ‘Anti-Racial’ and ‘Pro-Dixiecrat’ Party

Representative Charles Rangel (D-NY) wondered if after the 2016 election the GOP will “get rid of their anti-racial, anti-immigrant, and pro-Dixiecrat theme” and that having “complete disregard” of other people’s feelings is “un-American” on Tuesday’s “Alan Colmes Show.”

Rangel stated, [relevant remarks begin around 1:45] “I think Trump has destroyed the Republican Party. And I’ve talked with some of my friends, and they’ve got to pick up the pieces after this election, and maybe they’ll get rid of their anti-racial, anti-immigrant, and pro-Dixiecrat theme and try to get back to the party of Lincoln.”

He added, while continuing to discuss Trump, “If you have a complete disregard of other people’s feeling, that’s wrong, it’s un-American.”

Rangel further argued that Trump has found out “the pitfalls that have put together the Republican Party, the people that they have appealed to in order to win. It all started when President Nixon felt that he needed the Dixiecrats to win. And it’s a terrible mix, to have the party of Lincoln, Dixiecrats, appealing to the frustration of the working poor, and billionaires. How do you put all that together and say you have a unified party?”

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