Issa: We’ll Be Discussing Clinton Foundation ‘Corrupt Contributions’ During Campaign — Cites ‘Clinton Cash’

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” when asked about presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump announcing he will not release his taxes during the election, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) said the topic of the Clinton Foundation and its “corrupt contributions” will be discussed during this fall’s general election presidential campaign, which will likely be a contest between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Issa referenced Breitbart editor at large Peter Schweizer’s book “Clinton Cash,” which Issa said lays out some of these things.

Issa said, “The fact is he and, if Clinton is nominee as we expect, if they get into a contest who releases taxes or not, that will be decided later. Plenty of candidates said they won’t release taxes and they later do. I suspect that Mr. Trump has some of the most complex taxes ever. I suspect he pays his taxes dutifully and has a legion of accountants doing it. But I certainly also suspect during the campaign we will be talking about what is called a Form 990. We’ll be talking about the Clinton Foundation and the corrupt contributions that they made linked to the actual events that both Bill and Hillary did while they were taking buckets of money from entities tied to some very corrupt politicians abroad including President Putin. So we’ll undoubtedly talk about tax records. But some are already public. People who read ‘Clinton Cash’ become aware Hillary Clinton has been involved in a number of things that need to be aired during the general election and they will be.”

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