Whoopi on Trump: I Don’t Want a Racist As President

Monday ABC’s “The View,” while discussing a New York Times article about presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump’s relationship with woman, the show’s co-hosts did not hold back on their criticism.

Co-host Joy Behar said, “You know what? They’re going to bring up Bill Clinton. When he gets accused of all this, he brings up Bill Clinton. Okay, Bill Clinton’s a dog also. What’s does that have to do with Hillary Clinton? Are we gonna blame Melania for this piece in the Times? So don’t go after Hillary.”

Whoopi Goldberg said, “I don’t want a racist as president sorry. I don’t want somebody who embraces— You know, I don’t mind — you know I have said this before, I would have been fine had he not brought in Muslims the way he did, Mexicans the way he did. And not said to the countless, you know, supremacists that seem to be backing him, ‘Hey, that’s not what I’m running on.’ Had he done that, I wouldn’t have an issue. But that’s not who I want representing the country.”

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