Trump: Paul Ryan Is ‘a Good Man’ — ‘He Wants Good Things For The Country, We Will Agree on Many Things’

Sunday on CBS’s “Face The Nation,” presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) was “a good man and that he wanted “good things for the country, noting that he and Ryan “will agree on many things.”

Partial transcript as follows:

DICKERSON: Paul Ryan now come out and endorsed you. You’ve talked to him several times. Which of his ideas of the famous Ryan ideas are most appealing to you?

TRUMP: He’s most appealing. He’s a good man. He wants good things for the country. We will agree on many things. We’re not going to agree on all is things. We’ll agree on many things. I think we’ll agree on, as an example he really focuses on poverty. He wants to take people out of poverty. So do I. We’re going to come up with a plan.

DICKERSON: Why do you think people are poor?

TRUMP: Because they don’t have jobs. Poor in many cases because they don’t have jobs. I will tell you will bring jobs back to this country like nobody has ever seen before.

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