Howard Dean: ‘No Question’ Trump Is Racist, But Not an Anti-Semite

On Monday’s “MSNBC Live,” former Gov. Howard Dean (D-VT) reacted to the GOP’s Donald Trump using “racist symbolism” online, calling him racist, but not anti-Semitic.

“I am reasonably sure that Donald Trump himself is not an anti-Semite. It’s hard to do that and be a successful — well, I’m not sure how successful he is, but be a businessman in New York,” Dean stated. “It was definitely anti-Semitic because it came from a right-wing racist organization. I do think Donald Trump is dog-whistling Hispanics, African-Americans, even Asian-Americans, and certainly he didn’t mind taking advantage of the disabled community. So I mean, he is a dog whistler. No question he’s a racist. An anti-Semite, maybe not.”

Host Craig Melvin then asked if someone was racist, would that not also “by definition” mean that person is an anti-Semite, which Dean responded “maybe.”

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