Zakaria: Trump’s BS So Piled in the Political Arena That ‘the Stench Is Now Overwhelming’



Sunday on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS,” host Fareed Zakaria defended calling Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is a “bullshit artist,” earlier in the week.

Zakaria explained, “Earlier this week I was asked on CNN to make sense of one more case in which Donald Trump said demonstratively false and then explained it away with a casuistic tweet and an indignant interview. I replied that there was a pattern here and a term for a person who did this kind of thing, a bullshit artist. I was not using that casually, and in case you have sensitive ears I’m going to use it a few more times. Trump has said many things, some of them dark and dangerous. but at his core, he is a BS artist.”

He added, “We see the consequences, as the crazy talk continues standard rules of fact, truth and reality have disappeared in this campaign. Donald Trump has piled such vast quantities of his trademark product into the political arena that the stench is now overwhelming and unbearable.”

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