‘Morning Joe’: Possible Independent Presidential Candidate McMullin an ‘Interesting Wild Card,’ ‘Vehicle’ for Never Trump Movement

Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” during the show-ending “What Have We Learned?” segment, host Joe Scarborough and Bloomberg Politics Mark Halperin weighed in on a potential run by Evan McMullin as an independent candidate for president.

Scarborough and Halperin agreed that McMullin would be a “interesting wild card” in the upcoming race and he could serve as a “vehicle” for the Never Trump movement.

Partial transcript as follows:

SCARBOROUGH: What about the candidate?

HALPERIN: I learned it appeared he got a Wikipedia page just this morning at 4 a.m.

SCARBOROUGH: For people just tuning in, tell us more about him.

HALPERIN: He has got a very impressive resume. He’s like David French in terms of nobody’s ever heard of him. But, he’s a good talker. He’s got a very traditional conservative agenda positions. He could be an interesting wild card.

SCARBOUGH: Could be a very interesting wild card. You look at what Ralph Nader did to Al Gore in 2000. And you have a guy that’s a Wharton grad, worked at Goldman Sachs, was in the CIA –

BRZEZINSKI: I’m skeptical. We’ll see.

HALPERIN: Lots of reasons to be skeptical, but he could be vehicle for the Never Trump movement who is saying I don’t want to vote for Trump, I don’t want to vote for Clinton. I want to destroy Trump.

SCARBOROUGH: He could be a vehicle for millions of Republicans that are still trying to figure out who they’re going to vote for.

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