Trish Regan Blasts Biased Media: Don’t Write Off Donald Trump’s Chances of Winning

Fox Business Network host Trish Regan called out the media on Tuesday for their biased reporting on Republican nominee Donald Trump’s chances of winning.

“It is August. You know we’ve got a long way to go until we hit November,” Regan said. “Here’s what you and I both know. In the political sphere anything can happen, but you wouldn’t know it by reading all the headlines right now or watching mainstream media on TV.”

After reading various headlines telegraphing Trump’s defeat, Regan asked, “Why is the mainstream media completely writing off Donald Trump?”

“Regardless of whether you are for or against Donald Trump, journalists might be getting a bit ahead of themselves – because think about it,” she continued, “time and time again, polls may say one thing one day and another the next.”

Regan cited the Brexit vote as an example in which the polling was complete contradicted by the electoral outcome.

“Everyone thought the UK would stay put and remain in the EU,” she said. “No one understood the anger felt by everyday Britons, and the elite had no idea what would actually materialize at the voting booth and the number of people that would come to vote.”

“So polls are not always right,” Regan continued. “Donald Trump has been all over the place in these polls, and I imagine he will continue to be all over the place, but the more he talks about the economy, the more he talks about security, the more he stays on these messages, the harder it’s going to be for Hillary Clinton.”

The Fox Business News host then reminded viewers that during the 1988 presidential race, Democratic candidate Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis led the Republican nominee, then Vice President George H. W. Bush, by 18 points in the summer before the election.

“Consider this: the August polls had Dukakis firmly in the lead at this time in the election cycle,” Regan said. “He was actually 18 points ahead of Bush, but in the end Dukakis wound up nowhere near the White House. So, when it comes to journalism, objectivity matters, and no reporter should write off any candidate this early in the game. It’s just not good journalism.”


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