Bill Kristol Berates Trump Supporter: ‘You Are Embarrassed to Support Him’

Friday on CNN’s “The Lead,” Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol, who is a self-described member of the “Never Trump” movement, went after Trump supporter Kayleigh McEnany, asking, “Do you really feel proud to support Donald Trump?”

When asked about Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump saying President Obama was the founder of ISIS, McEnany said, “I’m glad he didn’t take it back, because McCain would have taken it back. Romney would have taken it back. They have an history of dialing back things and looking very weak on these things. President Obama, like it or not, was the unintentional founder of ISIS.”

Kristol said, “Trump discredits everything. That’s why to my friends in the conservative media, like Hugh Hewitt, they should not be giving him lifelines, it’s pathetic at this point. He is discrediting conservatism. He needs to be separated and severed from conservatism. Every Republican and conservative who cares about the future of the Republican party and conservationism needs to say now — I really do believe this — ‘We’re not with Trump,’ and people who supported him, fine, they tried their best, they tried to help him….”

McEnany asked Kristol “You’re with Hillary?… It’s a binary choice, two people have viable chances of presidency.”

Kristol shot back, “And neither deserves it… You’re taking the responsibility of supporting a man who is utterly unfit to be president of the United States. A man for a second you would not tolerate in your personal life. A bully, a man of genuinely bad character. Do you really feel proud to support Donald Trump?”

McEnany said, “I do.”

Kristol continued, “You don’t. You got on the train. You hope to do the best for him, but you are embarrassed to support him.”

McEnany said, “I’m not. I’m embarrassed for conservatives that allow Hillary Clinton to become president.”

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